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Policies, Procedures, & Processes

Policies, procedures, and processes are like a roadmap for your organization. They help everyone know what to do and how to do it. Having them in place keeps things running smoothly, helps avoid mistakes, and makes sure everyone is treated fairly.


Policies are like the rules of a game. They tell everyone what's allowed and what's not allowed. Just like in a game, following the policies helps everyone play fair and have a good time.


Procedures are step-by-step instructions that tell you exactly what to do in a certain situation. It's like a detailed plan that helps you know how to complete or handle a task properly.


Processes are like the steps in a dance routine or a recipe for making your favorite dish. They're the order of actions you need to take to get something done, from beginning to end.

Your organization may benefit from a review of your policies, procedures, and processes if

  • You need to get things done faster,

  • You need work to get done the right way every time,

  • You need your organization to be in compliance with local, state, and federal laws,

  • You need to grow without chaos,

  • You need to make your customers happier,

  • You need your employees improve their knowledge and skills,

  • You need to know who does what and how, and

  • You want to keep getting better!

We Can Help You With That!

Hingley Enterprises, LLC can help your organization improve your operations by assessing your current processes and then analyzing how well these work. Afterward, we will suggest changes or updates to make things run smoother and more efficiently. These suggestions might involve creating new policies, simplifying procedures, or redesigning processes. Throughout the whole process, we will work closely with you to ensure these changes fit your needs and goals.

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