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Internal & External Practices

Organizations with excellent communication practices are better able to provide the goods and services they're designed to deliver, improving employee retention, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

Internal Practices

Your organization's internal communication practices make or break the success of individual staff members and your teams, as well as your efficiency in providing the goods or services at the heart of your organization. You may have internal communication issues if

  • You have high staff turnover but don't know why,

  • Managers or HR feel like they're babysitting staff,

  • Staff are not meeting your expectations in some way, or

  • Your organization consistently drops balls or misses deadlines.

External Practices

Your organization's external communication practices make or break the public's trust in you, your staff, and your products or services. You may have external communication issues if

  • You do not have repeat or referred customers,

  • Your prospective customers are not a good fit for your goods or services,

  • Your customers are unsure about what to expect or what they will receive, or

  • You have too many or too few calls or emails.

We Can Help You With That!

Hingley Business Solutions can provide comprehensive assessments of your current communication practices. Once we know what's going on, we can recommend change management strategies to get you from where you are to where you need to be.

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