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Hingley Enterprises, LLC Logo
Two pine trunks in darkened woods.

About Us

​We envision a world where families can thrive personally and professionally, seamlessly blending their passions and responsibilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower organizations and families with valuable lessons and innovative resources that add personal and professional value for generations to come.

Our Values

We value honesty, integrity, creativity, efficiency, leading by example, copious amounts of coffee, and as much family time as we can get.

Meet the Fam

A black and white photo of a member or members of the Hingley family
Allison G. Hingley, MM, MT-BC

Co-Founder, CEO

  • Master's Level Music Therapist with National Board Certification and Advanced Training in Neurologic Music Therapy

  • 8+ Years of C-Level Public and Nonprofit Leadership and Consulting Experience

  • Curses Like a Sailor and Nerds Out Over Technology

A black and white photo of a member or members of the Hingley family
Anthony J. Hingley, PMP

Co-Founder, CFO

  • Project Management Professional Certification

  • Master's Master’s in Business Administration (In Progress)

  • 12+ Years of Public Education and Program Management Experience

  • Cringe Dad Jokes On Point​

A black and white photo of a member or members of the Hingley family
The Hingley Kids

C-Suite Interns

Our C-Suite Interns are working behind the scenes (and sometimes in front of the camera during teleconferences) to learn the family business!

We Share the Fire

When you get fired up about what you need or the work you do, we are going to lose. our. minds. Spare no detail, we want to know EVERYTHING. This helps us to share your vision so we can help you see it to fruition!

Gold Star Feeling

You may notice early on in our collaboration that we ask a lot of questions. Later on, we may ask for a lot of numbers. This is not because we're trying to pry; for us, the gold star feeling we live for comes from data-driven results, so we need the data!


Let's face the facts: This company is run by millennials with a volleyball team's worth of kids. We love email and teleconferences. We talk on the phone and meet up in person as needed, but don't be surprised if we involve coffee and have a few tagalongs.

Family First

Your satisfaction means so much to us, but somebody has to raise these kids. Spoiler alert: it's us. We're a family company - we're always going to meet the needs of our kids first. This approach is important to us AND it'll help us focus on your needs better.

How We Operate

If our way of working resonates with you, let's work together.

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